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Antique Kitchen Tables as the name suggests is a Website dedicated to genuine antique kitchen and farmhouse tables.

With many years of experience in the antiques trade, at Antique Kitchen Tables we pride ourselves on sourcing authentic antiques.

We provide detailed descriptions of all our pieces and include multiple photographs of each item including close ups of detail and construction.

We often get requests for tables of a certain dimension. With genuine antiques these can be difficult to source. To meet this demand we have decided to create new craftsman made copies based on the style of one of our best selling tables. These new antique style tables can be made to suit your specific requirements, height, size colour etc. Click here for an example. If you are interested in ordering a bespoke table please contact us.

We can now offer you the opportunity to sell your own kitchen table, farmhouse table or kitchen chairs on this website. Please click here to find out more

antique kitchen tableIn the course of sourcing genuine antique kitchen tables we sometimes have the opportunity to buy tables which the vendors believe are genuine, but which we notice have been adapted or altered in someway. Only if these tables are attractive, practical and have character will we purchase them.. but we pay less for them than the genuine article, and consequently sell them for less!

On our website we are now using a star rating system as follows:
** Defines a genuine antique table which is totally original throughout.

* Defines a good table in its own right, although not necessarily completely original throughout.

We hope you find this useful.